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Think Inside the Box at Pizza Tugos!

Think Inside the Box at Pizza Tugos!

It’s time to get past the need for creativity and uniqueness… We want you to think INSIDE the box! Because boy, do we have some delicious things in there.

It’s okay to think plain and simple. A regular 12” cheese pizza is only $13.99, and an extra large at a whopping 16” is $16.99.

But, if you’re thinking of all the toppings and delicious add-ons that you can pile into that box, you’re thinking right! Peperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, ground beef, steak, chicken, anchovy… they’re all only $3. Veggie toppings including mushrooms, onion, sliced tomato, green peppers, sweet peppers, banana peppers, jalepeno–you get the gist–are only $2!

Throw some extra dipping sauce into your box, because why not? We highly recommend the Boss Sauce.

Thinking of a box filled with a Pizza Tugos Craft Pizza? We’re thinking all of your friends and family will love what’s inside, too. From The Godfather to The Meat to the Cheeseburger pizza, Ocean City’s very own restaurant has turned your world into pizza paradise.

Check out our whole Carry Out menu here, and keep thinking inside the box!


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